Kick the Boss 2

Kick the Boss 2 2.8.0

Beat your boss up some more


  • Fun waste of time
  • Easy to play
  • New weapons and areas


  • Repetitive

Very good

Kick the Boss 2 is the sequel to the first arcade game of the same name.

Just like the original, you can beat up the boss character by throwing him around the screen or using one of the many weapons that you can purchase. Kick the Boss 2 features smoother animations and new levels that you can build and interact against the boss.

It is a change from the first game which only featured one room. Kick the Boss 2 also adds more weapons and better performance compared to the original game. The graphics of the game have not changed, but the variety of damage done to the boss is dependent on the tool used to hurt him. He can get bruised or burned and the other tools can affect his appearance too.

Kick the Boss 2 is a very simple game and a good time waster, but do not expect a deep experience.

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Kick the Boss 2


Kick the Boss 2 2.8.0

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